5 stars - Dr. Mickens is the best, there's no doubt about it...Today I went in his office thinking I needed 2 root canals. I was terrified because of a past bad experience of what another dentist had done to me. When I walked in there was a lady named Beth who greeted me with such a beautiful smile. Her kindness made me feel at ease. She could tell I was a bundle of nerves and she talked to me and gave me great assurance of how Dr.Mickens would take care of me. So through her much kindness and sincerest words I knew then I had came to the right place. When they called me to go in the back two other ladies Heydi & Lesbia came to greet me and did xrays. They also took the time to show me much kindness to where I was feeling calm about the whole situation. When Dr.Mickens came in he introduced himself and told me step by step what would be going on...throughout the whole procedure I felt no pain at all...the atmosphere was so divine even the music they had playing was right on time. Well I only needed one root canal because the other tooth checked out o.k. Nevertheless, I would tell anyone who has had bad experiences in the past to go to this practice. You not only get great service but you actually find people who really care about you...they treat you with the upmost respect that lacks in this world that we live in. I truly want to THANK ALL of YOU GUYS for everything that you had done for me today. Dr.Mickens and your staff , YOU GUYS ROCK...May God bles you all

Roberta Southern


As a general dentist, I refer many patients for root canals, and then verify the work when they return to my office. Not only is Dr. Mickens' work outstanding, but the patients also tell me how wonderful his staff is. Due to this, I have referred my friends and family members to Dr. Mickens. Even I am a patient of Dr. Mickens, and I want to thank him and his entire staff for the care they give to all of their patients.

Dr. John Flynn


Being a life-long dental phobic, when told I needed a root canal, I panicked. I had always heard horror stories how they hurt really bad, wouldn't get numb, took hours and hours to complete, etc. I waited until it absolutely had to be done. My dentist scheduled me with Dr. Mickens. From the minute I walked into his office, I was put at ease. His receptionist, Beth, was wonderful and assured me I had nothing to worry about. Still....When getting my tooth x-rayed, the technician was very gentle and took her time to make sure it was done right. Still...I was still a little apprehensive... Then I met the Doctor...He shook my hand and also assured me I was in good hands - he applied a topical before the injection - I never felt a thing. The whole time he was working on my tooth, he explained what he was doing and what to expect - very compassionate doctor. What amazed me was it only took around 45 minutes - start to finish - and I had a really difficult tooth to work with. Did I mention I never felt a thing? Truly. Totally painless. I was amazed - this experience was nothing like I had been warned about. There was some pain after the numbing wore off because my tooth was infected, but I was given medication to knock the pain out. Today, the day after, I'm totally pain free, just a little sore. Dr. Mickens called me twice to check on me - that showed me that it wasn't about just doing the work and shooing you out the door - he truly cares that it's a positive experience and that he's taken care of the problem. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Mickens and his office staff. Very professional - I wouldn't hesitate to have another root canal, as long as Dr. Mickens was the one in the chair beside me. Plus he has great music on his radio... 🙂 Thanks to all of you, I truly appreciate you!

Cheryl Wray


First of all I am a CHICKEN when it comes to the dentist. Second, I was told that a root canal was the worst thing a person could have done to their teeth. I had my first root canal today 3-19-2013 and I realized real quick that I had wasted a lot of time worrying about this visit. Dr. Mickens and his staff are remarkable. They recognized the fear I had and knew exactly how to respond to this fear. They managed to calm me down. The fear was so bad that it wouldn't have taken a whole lot for me to walk out. Dr. Mickens walked me through the whole process and checked on how I was doing the entire time. NOT ONCE did I experience pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Mickens and his entire staff. They are all wonderful. I owe Dr. Mickens and his whole staff a big big THANK YOU!!!!

Kelly M.


He is the best! I went to see Dr. Mickens because I had a dull pain in my tooth, jaw, and ear. After doing tests he said he couldn't find much wrong with it, and told me to come back if the pain got worse. I came back a couple weeks later, he did the root canal, and now I feel great! No dull pain and no pain when I chew! The root canal was so challenging that even my dentist was in awe of what a great job he did and he showed it off to many of his colleagues. I high recommend Dr. Mickens to everyone. He is great at what he does, and he cares about his patients and he puts them at ease!

Lauren Norris


My visit with Dr. Mickens was GREAT! He performed a root canal and I experienced NO PAIN during or after the procedure. Dr. Mickens and his staff were awesome and I would recommend them to anyone needing any endodontic care.

Sheneice F.


I had been experiencing great pain because of a horrible tooth in my mouth. I was given an appointment from my friend and dentist Dr. Zachary Hairston. I came to Dr. Mickens' office and was greeted joy. The staff worked through their lunch to make certain that the pain I was in had been addressed. DR. MICKENS IS THE MAN!!! The root canal was PAINLESS and also done with great care. I was treated like the only patient that he had, and even the office staff assured me prior to the procedure, Dr. Mickens will take great care of me, and there would be no pain! She was right! I recommend Dr. Mickens to everyone. Great job, and you have a friend for life!

Mark T. G.


I first met Dr. mickens in 2011 when I found myself needing a root canal after first having the crown. It was my second root canal and considering the circumstances, I really needed to be sure the procedure was necessary. He tested the tooth thoroughly and when not 100% convinced it was necessary at that time, I had to convince him to do it! This was a first for me and I strongly recommend Dr. Mickens to anyone who desires the services of an endodontic that will only do a root canal if it's absolutely necessary.

Anna K.


Dr. Mickens and his staff are simply outstanding and deserve the highest rating there is. I work for a general dentist and have been referring to Dr. Mickens for months now. I am always greeted by his friendly staff and never left feeling that they are too busy to help our patients in need. As it turns out I needed emergency treatment this week and Dr. Mickens was there for me with no hestitation. The doctor and the assistant were very gentle and caring during the procedure. He is simply a delight to be around and seems to love what he does. The staff is just the same and really seem happy to be employed by him, which is always a wonderful thing. I am so thankful to everyone there and will be referring all my friends and family as well as patients who need a specialist. Thank you Dr. Mickens and staff!!!!



I must say I was one of those people that puts off dentist work because I was afraid of the needle. I would search and search for a dentist that used the nitrous but when I went to see Dr. Mickens last week I was of course nervous but they assured me that it would be ok and that they would explain everything that was going to be done prior to doing it. I had a retreat of a previous root canal and I did this with no nitrous at all and everything was great. Not only did I receive a call the next day from Dr. Mickens to check on me after I also received a call that two days later, a Saturday, to check on me as well. The office staff is great and the atmosphere is very calming and relaxed.

Angelique L.


I am one who hates to have my teeth poked and prodded. I don't like the sound, the feel, and well... all of it! And to be honest, I don't hate it, I am just afraid of it! Dr. Mickens and his staff have always been kind, responsive, helpful, and manage to put my mind at ease when I come see them. My first appointment, I felt like I had been going there for years! Dr. Micken's doesn't run a factory like office. He takes time with you to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure(s) and checks on your comfort level once you are done. Thanks so much for making my experience less frightening!

Kim L.


Dr. Mickens and his staff are wonderful and always so caring! Thank you for taking such great care of my friends and co-workers.



Went to This office yesterdsay for a Root canal.The staff was very professional,office area was clean,and Dr.Mickens did an Awesome Job!!!!

Jennifer D.


Dr. Mickens and his staff has dealt with me on a couple of occasions and they are fantastic! They are professional and caring at the same time very top-of-the-line. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Patsy P.


I was recently referred to and had a root canal done by Dr. Mickens. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionaism of the entire operation. I was met with a smile and friendly greeting from the receptionist and then asked to check my patient information with the paperless registration system. Very simple,fast, and you know it is correctly entered. Dr. Mickens was very professional and told me everything he saw,what he was doing, and why. I actually found the procedure quite interesting. I recommend Dr. Mickens and his staff for any Endodonic Procedure you may have to have.

Bruce W.


I was referred to Dr. Mickens because I was told by my dentist I needed 2 or possibly 3 route canals. After being examed by Dr. Mickens it was determined that none were needed at all. The problem was something my regular dentist needed to fix. I appreciate his honesty because he could have told me anything just to make that money but he did not - he was honest with me. Thanks for saving me over $2000 which I did not have to spare. I would love him to be my regular dentist because he's just that thorough. I would recommend him to anyone!! Thanks Dr. Mickens

Vicky W


I was expecting the worse case scenario when I was informed by my dentist that I needed a Root Canal. However, I knew something had to be done, because I was experiencing pain daily. My dentist referred me to Dr. Mickens. I never thought a visit to a dental office could be so pleasant. I left Dr. Mickens' office feeling like I should have made the decision to address my dental problem a long time ago. Dr. Mickens did an outstanding job performing a painless Root Canal for me. Thank you, Dr. Mickens. You are the best!

Cheryl G.


I was given three referrals and after calling each to see if they would take my insurance, Beth was the most helpful and patient with me to help me understand my situation. My experience before and after my procedure was unexpectedly quite pleasant. Dr. Mickens and his staff are exceptional!!! Almost makes you wish to be a repeat patient.

Charmel D.


Wow! What an amazing office. Dr. Mickens is an amazing person. He went above and beyond to provide excellent service to me. I am so appreciative to him and his staff. The root canal procedure went very well. I could have fallen asleep. I recommend Dr. Mickens to everyone and anyone who wants great service.

Santana M


Although I don't live in Greensboro any longer, I felt compelled to write this testimonial as it pertains to Dr. Mickens and his honesty and professional ethics. I was referred to Dr. Mickens because my general dentist felt I needed a root canal. Why, is still unclear to me; however, upon examination by Dr. Mickens, not once, but twice, he saw no need for that root canal, thereby, saving me several hundred dollars that he could have just as easily put in his pocket. You see, it doesn't take a book to explain goodness, fairness, honesty, and professionalism. Only the truth, simplified and thank you Dr. Mickens!

John W


While dental work is never enjoyable, I want you to know how I've come to value your skill, your professionalism, and, yes, your kindness over the course of my treatment with you. Your attitude extends to your staff - a more cheerful group of professionals I've yet to encounter. Thank you, again.

Darrius W.


My Visit with Dr.Mickens was outstanding. I felt absolutely no pain while getting a root canal. I can honestly say this was the best Dental appointment I've every had. Dr.Mickens and his staff are simply amazing. Their care and customer service to their patients is phenomenal.

Jeremy B.


My appointment was like visiting a Spa. The chair was giving me a message as Dr. Mickens was doing the procedure. Everyone was so nice and professional, and I have not had any pain. The whole experience was GREAT! If you need a Root Canal, go to Dr. Mickens, the Specialist.

D. Gilliam


I recently was referred to Dr. Mickens by my dentist-and I was petrified! The staff and the Doctor immediately took me in because I was in pain-Dr. Mickens made me feel instantly at ease when he said "don't worry were going to take care of this." He was very gentle and talked me through the whole procedure! This took away the fear of the unknown. I would and will recommend Dr. Mickens to everyone who needs an endodontist. In my book he is the best there is! Thanks Dr. Mickens and staff for being so compassionate, friendly, and caring.

Shelley M.


If I ever have to have a root canal again I will certainly ask if Dr. Mickens can be the one to do it. He was kind, gentle and informative during the entire process. The office staff were wonderful as well. They went out of their way to make sure this was a positive experience for me.

Dorrie P


Walking into Dr. Mickens office I want an emotional wreck because I was scared to have a root canal. I was greeted by his awesome staff and was reassured that everything would be fine. It was more than fine..it was FANTASTIC!!!! I didnt feel a thing it was like having a regular filling done. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Mickens he is simply wonderful!

Linnette T.


Dr. Mickens is a an excellent endodontist. He is professional, personal, and a master of his craft. I experienced zero pain during the procedure and only mild soreness later in the day. When you get a root canal you want to make sure it is done right (I have had 3 done before this). Dr. Mickens is the endodontist to see. Staff and office equally competent. 5 stars!

Monica R. W.


Dr. Mickens and his staff are phenomenal. The professionalism begins when simply booking an appointment. They are polite, expeditious in providing information and appointments are available in a timely manner. I have never been more comfortable having a root canal done. The office is gorgeous and the dynamic among the staff and the doctor is so pleasant. You can tell that they care about each other and you feel like part of the family when they are taking care of you. In addition to all this, the ambience and massage chairs really put a seemingly miserable experience over the top. I experience absolutely no pain, EVER and Dr. Mickens provides whatever aftercare I may require. Then he calls to check on me! They are amazing.

Hetty S.


I came to Dr. Mickens office because of a root canal I had to have done, after a whole week being in pain. He was GREAT. The whole time he made sure to let me know everything he was doing. He made sure that I felt no pain through out the whole thing. After he was done I was like a new person and he even called me the next day to check on me ( and he is the first DR to ever do that ) days after it was done still no pain. I have friends that have gone to a Endodontics and have to go back again because they didn't do it right the first time, Dr. Mickens is really great at what he does and takes pride I can tell. His staff was GREAT TOO. I must say I will be going to him if I need to again. GREAT experience

Cecilia Hernandez


Dr. Mickens is excellent. He is very personable & he follows up with his patients. I highly recommend this practice!

Debbie Levy
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